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Which “eating style” is best for you?

There are several diets (eating styles) that have been popularized over the past 2 decades.  Whether you try Atkins, Southbeach, Paleo, vegetarian, Keto or Mediterranean – they are ALL better than the “standard American diet”.  So what do these different eating styles have in common?

  • Avoidance of overly processed (man-made) foods
  • Avoidance of batter-fried foods
  • Avoidance of added sugars

While the Mediterranean eating style is considered the healthiest, it’s not the best for weight loss – likely due to the starchy grains and fruit.  These carb heavy foods can make it harder to lose your excess weight.  Before trying a low-carb/Keto eating style, I’d recommend learning more from one of my favorite educational websites!  If you are on Insulin you should monitor your blood sugar regularly and work with your Endocrinologist or Obesity Medicine specialist to adjust your Insulin dose.

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Mediterranean Eating Style

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