FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your FAQs about your appointment, procedure, and more below:

Many insurance plans, especially HMO’s, require a referral or written authorization from your PCP (Primary Care Physician) for each visit. Your PCP’s office should be able to tell you if you need a written referral, but ultimately it is your responsibility to know if is required, and to obtain one. For further questions regarding your referral, call your PCP, your insurance company, or call our office at 540-371-9696. You or your physician can download our Referral Form.

If you must cancel your office visit, please do so at least 48 hours in advance. Late cancellations for non-emergency reasons will incur a late charge.

Please bring your insurance card, photo ID, a referral if required from your primary care physician, and additional test results or pertinent medical records. We also suggest you fill out our new patient forms ahead of time in order to expedite your office visit. Download our forms here to save you time.

You must cancel at least five business days before your procedure. If you cancel less than five business days in advance for non-emergency reasons, or if you do not show up for your procedure, there is a fee of $250.

You may have a co-pay or deductible amount due before your procedure. There is a facility fee, a separate fee for your gastroenterologist’s service, a pathologist fee and an anesthesia fee, which may be covered by your insurance. Contact your insurance company for benefit information. For any additional questions, contact our Billing Department at 540-371-9696.

No, we will obtain a prior authorization for your procedure. For any questions, call our office at 540-371-9696.

You may download it from our website. Click Here to download or click on the resources tab above.

Call the office at 540-371-9696 and speak to the nurse or after hours page the doctor on call.

You should take your usual medicines with a sip of water several hours before the procedure. DO NOT TAKE DIABETES MEDICINES OR ANY BLOOD THINNERS. Instructions about stopping Coumadin, aspirin, Plavix or other blood thinners days ahead of your procedure are on our downloadable form.

This allows time for check-in, any additional paperwork, and to start the IV.

Yes. We have a Board-certified Anesthesiologist or Nurse-Anesthetist attending to you during your procedure.

About 2 – 3 hours is the average time.

The sedation medications may impair your reflexes for several hours, so it is unsafe to drive until the following day.

We require that your family member/friend waits for you at the facility during your procedure.

You should feel back to normal the day after your procedure.


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