Weight Management Program

Weight Management Program

Fall Hill Gastroenterology offers a weight management program to assist you with all of your health goals

Many people are suffering from Obesity-related medical conditions.  Dr. Allan Hardy combines his years of experience diagnosing and treating digestive diseases with the latest in Obesity Medicine research to develop individualized treatment plans.  Many patients have lost more than 10% of their total bodyweight and are able to reduce (or stop) their medications!

The goal is to find a healthy way of eating that you can maintain for 30 years, not
30 days.  Dr. Hardy works with patients by monitoring their ethnic-specific waist
circumference/BMI (body mass index) as well as “B.M.I” (better metabolic indicators).  These metabolic indicators include evaluation of your blood sugar, degree of fatty liver, lipid panel changes and will let us know what eating style is best for you!

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Dr. Allan Hardy is board certified in Obesity Medicine and uses the four pillars of care
popularized by the Obesity Medicine Association (Nutrition, Physical Activity,
Behavior and Medications) to treat Obesity-related diseases.

What are Obesity-related diseases?

Many medical conditions will improve or resolve with just 5-10% total body weight loss!  This is detailed in the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology / American College of Endocrinology Obesity guidelines from 2016

The amount of total body weight loss needed to improve various medical conditions is listed below:


> 10% total body weight loss

Diabetes type 2

> 5-15% total body weight loss

High blood pressure

> 5-15% total body weight loss

Fatty liver disease

> 5-10% total body weight loss

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

> 7-11% total body weight loss


> 5-10% total body weight loss

Acid reflux disease

> 10% total body weight loss

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

 > 5-15%


> 7-8%

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